Just before bed…

It’s been a quiet weekend.

This will run on thursday in “Gay City” – here’s the preview –
Thank you Andrew Robinson!


  1. and who is and what is?

    hey Nayland
    dominic here
    i am in brazil
    in a strange jesuit cult
    where we all wear white
    ant talk to a tailor
    that allows himself to be possessed by dead doctors
    who have come back to heal the desperate and faithful.

    found your name on here
    added to the ranks
    and curious if your Andrew Robinson is a one who has lived in Tucson Arizona?

    the world is a small one
    and i have forgotten everything

    if i ever leave brazil

    i will see you in the cold and rainy city

    here is still very warm

    i spent a lot of time in water
    as it is everywhere

    i am left impotent
    with my hands poised at your thighs…


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