This may be bad form but…

…. I’m sure that folks are not too fond of seeing online calls to action here in the precincts of their friends list but I felt this was important – if you think its a real breach of etiquette let me know and I’ll take it down.

As some of you know I’m a pipe and cigar smoker, and there’s a little crisis going on in the Congress right now that I think could use folks’ attention:

You and I know how very different cigars are from
cigarettes. Unfortunately, from time to time cigars get
clumsily lumped in with cigarettes, and cigars become
collateral damage. One of those times is right now. All
cigar smokers who buy mail-order need to act! A recent
bill was passed in the Senate (S.1177) which makes it
illegal to ship cigarettes and smokeless tobacco over
state lines, banning internet and mail-order sales. At
the very last minute, unfortunately, one simple sentence
stating “all tobacco products” was added. Of course the
intent of the bill is cigarettes, not cigars – but the
restriction as written would also ban mail-order cigars!
Right now this bill (H.R. 2824) is before the House
Judiciary Committee where they are deciding if it will go
to the full House for a vote.

We need to all fight like hell to make sure the last-second
language that the Senate added does not appear in the House
bill. Notify your Congressman, and most urgently, notify
the Congressmen who sit on the House Judiciary Committee
from the list below. A link to a comprehensive, state by
state list of members of Congress is provided as well. The
timing of your communication is urgent – the squeaky wheel
gets the grease so the more email and phone calls the better.
Tell them to leave cigars out of cigarette legislation!


F. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin

Spencer Bachus, Alabama

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee

Rick Boucher, Virginia

John Carter, Texas

Steve Chabot, Ohio

Howard Coble, North Carolina

Tom Feeney, Florida

Jeff Flake, Arizona

J. Randy Forbes, Virginia

Bob Goodlatte, Virginia

Mark Green, Wisconsin

Melissa Hart, Pennsylvania

John Hostettler, Indiana

Henry Hyde, Illinois

William L. Jenkins, Tennessee

Ric Keller, Florida

Steve King, Iowa

Mike Pence, Indiana

Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, Virginia

Lamar Smith, Texas

Melvin L. Watt, North Carolina


Full list of members of the House of Representatives:

Full list of members of the Senate:


  1. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t be so concerned about making this kind of post. When getting to know someone, grasping their political concerns is a valid part of the process as far as I’m concerned.

    And I can think of about at least a dozen other types of LJ posts that would annoy me far more quickly than an advocacy post. It’s interesting to learn about the things that are important to you.

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