An argument for the continuation of spam…

I just now received an unsolicited email with the subject heading:

“Borealis choctaw”

I have to admit that was almost enough to make me open it…

Drag name?
Latin classification?
Character from a Kilgore Trout novel??

Can spam be all bad when it results in things like this?


  1. Monday at the Knitting Factory: Borealis Choctaw / Algorithmic Monkeys / (opening act Wang Chung)

    Wow, those algorithmic monkeys finally typed out something good.

    In case you missed it from last Sunday’s Times:

    here in NYC, this is even better:,1294,61916,00.html

    and in cyberspace, this is best of all:

    Or maybe they just mistyped ‘CATABOLIC WHORES’ — I do that all the time.

  2. All spam is evil.

    All spammers should have a stick of dynamite inserted rectally, the fuse lit, and then thrown off a cliff high enough that the dynamite will explode just before they hit.

  3. Actually this sounds rather like something Mr Shenton would like to do on a date. I’m sure he would volunteer for job of Lord High Executioner.

    On another line, was thinking the name sounds more like a drag name – appearing weekends at the Brandy Alexander?

  4. Well I remember the Choctaw ridge from “ode to billy joe” by Bobby Gentry, but I doubt that your spam had anything to do with that.

    Actually I’m glad your post made me think of that song, that is such an amazing song!

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