Headline from the front page of today’s NY Times:

Love Canal Declared Clean, Ending Toxic Horror

I can’t stop thinking about that diminutive woman from Poltergeist adjusting her beehive and clucking “This – house – is – clean”

And we know what happened next.


  1. or of Miss Edmonton Teen-Burger applying her Joan Rivers’ Classic Collection II foundation, muttering “Clean girl, Clean girl – Clean And Famous”, in her “Party Time” video.

  2. Heard at an audience participation screening of Poltergeist:

    on-screen: “She has cleaned many houses.”
    yelled from audience: “Consuela!!”

  3. To get technical….(or really cunty)

    His profesional name is “Craig T. Nelson”…

    “gotta have the T or he’s just any ole’ Nelson.”–Ozzie, Rickie, Lucy…

    Speaking of “Coach” set in a fictional University here in Minneapolis….I actually loved that show….Aside from the “Gunther” character played by “Jerry- someone or other”….it was a decent 1/2 hour program.

    I will also say that my brother Chris –(I’ve always just called him “Dick”–cuz he is.)….but he actually looks strikingly like Craig T. Nelson…has a smiliar voice…has begun to lose his hair in the same way…shares the same birthday AND is of course….

    a football coach at university in Minnesota.

    (an institution some would argue to be fictional as well.)

    but all that aside….

    I just wanted to back track your journal some and pop into an older message to mention how fuqing on line in love I am with you.

    you might have message alert on…yah might not….who knows….?

    it’s worth the gamble…

    –You Rock!

    -Vold Where Prohibited-

  4. oh and

    the diminutive woman…is Zelda Rubenstein….

    and has a cameo toward the end of “16 Candles”

    and your picture makes me get a chubby.

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