1. Re: you OBVIOUSLY

    actually it’s spring time here – in the 50s – we are shielded from the midwest winters by the Sawtooth Moutnains – we actuallyhave cold mostly dry winters – but they only last from November to April 1. ๐Ÿ™‚ and it came early this year – I’m biking to work in the mornings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m loving Dazzler, and I’m just about to climb into one of my collection of union suits so even if it’s bleak outdoors I have the excuse to wear sexy underwear!

  3. Re: you OBVIOUSLY

    OK, so some of us need to be hit over the head, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of warm thoughts being sent you’re way.

    I’m TOTALLY over this cold and snow, too. So, you’re not alone.

  4. Sorry, no deep freezer here – the building isn’t wired for it. Instead I post their heads on the fire escape out back as a warning (or invitation) to others as well as a food source for the neighborhood kittens.

  5. Oh my

    Now I’ll never get any work done!

    Quite amazing. Are you really adept with a timer, or do you have a roommate/partner who helps out here?

    Do you now get the occasional fan making requests, “wear this,” “show us this now,” “more like this one”?

    8mar and 17mar are my two favorites from this batch. I also liked the striped-shirt festival running from 2mar through 4mar.

    Last question: Would you smile (be smiling) if other people were around?

  6. Re: Oh my

    awww, shucks! thx.

    I take them myself with a time, alacrity and a remote shutter control. A few have been taken by friends– the ones with another person, for example, often have been taken by a third party.

    I do get requests and generally try to please. A lot of the requests are for smiles! I’m not sure why I don’t smile in them more– maybe because I often take them when I am waking up? My one rule is no cock-shots… mostly because my host site doesn’t allow them (and also I think they’d be a little tacky given the aim of the project).

    I’m kinda psyched. In September it’ll be three years of pix. Maybe I should figure out what I’m gonna do with them now? LOL

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