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Thursday aft, and after a week of budget finalization frenzy, some sort of torpor is settling over the office. Or at least over me. I got a surprise workplace visit from my ex at around noon and after a lunch of “you pick it we toss it” salad and seltzer, I’m girding my loins for a hectic weekend. But right now, there’s the lull betwixt the buffeting. I’ve actually made it to the gym three times in the past week, and have proudly gone in, pedaled the stationary bike for seven minutes and left. We’re starting slow you see, working up. The weather in NYC has been vile – rain all day, and then enough chill in the evenings and mornings to discourage anything but sitting in bed, under covers. I owe my Mother a phone call. I’m lucky enough to have one still around to call, but really I’m not feeling like it.

All in all this is feeling pre-spring, like I’m still stuck in the doorway of what the new year could be, and yet it’s mid-April.

Oh and since I never got around to mentioning it in detail, I did get laid at Smokeout.


  1. more details please…

    Did I ever tell you my own gym story? remind me to tell you tomorrow… spent a lot of money and only went once… maybe I’ll post it in my journal one of these days. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pitiful.

    But tell us more about getting laid.

  2. In my first seminar at CUNY Grad I blurted out that I have an MBA. The person seated next to me asked “Gawd, why are you here with that? You could get a real job!” I nervously answered my usual bit of fluff, “Well, somebody has to be able to write a departmental budget.”

    The professor’s eyebrows arched. I hadn’t realized that just that morning he’d been named provost…

    (btw – did you get email re: Samuel Delaney? earthlink bounced it back at me)

  3. I just discovered a guys journal that likes being fat, and you had a comment on there. You like being fat also. Do all of these guys you have commenting? I’m sort of having a religious experience here. I’ve thought for a long time that I’m the only guy who likes being fat until just now. Are you bisexual? I hope I don’t piss you off by asking these questions man. I’m just sort of flipped out.

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