Like trying to push a brick through a sieve….

When all else fails in your attempts to grind your experience into chunks small enough to spit into the format of journal entries, write a short post about the futility of the endeavor.

Oh and add a virtual hello to all your friends online with a preemptive apology that today will probably be one of those “many short posts” days that tends to clutter up everyone’s friends page.


  1. Post on, Post it, Poster.
    I dont know why you should feel like you owe it, its so hard to process ones life into discrete chunks that can be diseminated in this medium.

    I have started almost 75 posts allreasy this month of which ive delete them all as unshareble usless and jut things i just dont want to share.

  2. Short posts are great. They sometimes elicit more responses than long ones. Funny, that.

    Hellos–whether short or long– are always nice. Not to mention they’re considerably higher on the lj-profundity scale than, say, quizzes 🙂

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