It’s not all horrible!

Anyone reading my journal lately would think that I’m crouched in my house in a crippling funk but it ain’t true! here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks:

Friday, 4/16 Went to the opening of Open House, a show I’m in at the Brooklyn Museum, with thornyc. Afterwards cracked a tooth on rye bread at Sammy’s Rumanian.
Sunday, 4/18 Played poker with thornyc, badfaggot and chrisglass among others. Afterwards made the beast with two backs with two men, neither of whom are on Live Journal
Monday, 4/19 attended a reading by Samuel R. Delany at the CUNY grad center. Afterwards ate tacos and bought comics with thornyc and badfaggot.
Wednesday, 4/21 Saw “Assassins” with thornyc. Afterwards went to the Eagle where we saw badfaggot and bootjac.
Thursday, 4/22 Participated in Blog Night organized by badfaggot where, by definition, there were many other LJers. Afterwards went to Sammy’s noodle shop for chinese food with thornyc, badfaggot and lthredge.
Friday, 4/23 badfaggot came over and helped me sort through old books and magazines. We found my copy of “Powerplay” that included thornyc‘s article on cigar play.
Sunday, 4/25 bootjac graciously agreed to tale me to Ikea, where they didn’t have the shelves I wanted. Afterwards I went to the benefit sale for The Sculpture Center, where a glass of dry red made me tipsy.
Monday, 4/26 thornyc came with me to see final_girl read brilliantly in a bar on the lower east side. Afterwards we had enchiladas and shared an umbrella
Wednesday, 4/28 I went to Fred Wilson’s opening at the Studio Museum of Harlem, where I saw no one from LJ, but received an astonishingly nice compliment from a young artist and got invited to a sunday brunch with Kiki Smith. Afterwards I rode the 2 home, got vegetarian food from the Ital Shack (too salty as it turned out) and laughed aloud at the latest episode of South Park.


  1. Beast with two backs…

    Never heard that one before, so I’m just guessin here, but wouldn’t a beast with two backs with two other men be a beast with three backs? ;O}

    Either way, it sounds like a lot of NYC_FUN.

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