An argument for high collars…

Today’s unfortunate tattoo sighting: On the back of a guy’s neck, spotted as he trudged out of the subway and into the midtown glare: The Maverick Records’ logo . He’s never gonna regret having that!


  1. Maybe Madonna requires it of all her signed artists?

    I agree with you though about the state of the art of the art of tattooing. It’s almost enough to make me miss Hot Stuff and Taz….

  2. that reminds me of Dennis Neilson the serial killer who met a boy with “……..cut here………” tattooed around his neck, so he did

  3. Re: Oh? Guess what’s on my back…


    Seriously though – imagine the fun of 4.5 hours of needlework digging away at your back. The incessant whirrrrr of the tattoo needle, the smell of the alcohol and the blood, the not all that enjoyable pain.

    And then, two days later, to walk past the bank branch at Herald Square and see your Newgrange pattern set in the bronze door plate. AIE!

  4. Living in NYC you probably at least hear her music on some radio station. Not here in Miami. Only if you know about her would you have know. I actually hadn’t realized that CD was out. I guess I have a reason to buy a new CD finally. Well, I would love some Cecil Taylor too but, his CDs are always so expensive. I was listening to Taylor while working in the darkroom last week.

  5. You know twelve years ago I was in London doing a residency and made an exhibition that was all about Neilson and Dahmer. It was called “Bleep” after Neilson’s dog.

  6. …which is why it’s good I sobered up.

    Besides, I’d never scrawl the Virgin logo onto my flesh. It’s got *gasp* a naked lady on it!

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