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Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister is a Rock n Roll icon. His legendary band MOTORHEAD has been going on strong for over 30 years, and there looks like no signs of the band, or the man faltering.

“I play Rock n’ Roll to the max,” he told VH1, “Motorhead are a Rock n’ Roll band, devoted to partying, booze, and sex”. Sex is something Lemmy Kilmister is renowned for. The man claims to have bedded thousands of women, including ladies from Penthouse and Playboy. Lemmy isn’t the most good looking of all chaps, but he’s definitely turns humans on, whether with his music or with his lifestyle.

But has his life been all women all the time?

“People have difficulties overcoming guilt”, Lemmy said, “One thing that makes us feel guilty is our sexuality. I know many good people who are gay or bisexual, and I’m proud to say that I can Rock and booze with the best of them. Why? Well, because I am one.”

You heard right, Lemmy has decided to come clean and spill the truth out to all his fans.

“My sexual urge for females was always a driving force to the music. Songs like ‘Limb From Limb’ and ‘Make My Day’ were written as odes to the female body. But sometimes we, as men, can not always find females to be the more… err… nourishing gender sometimes. Y’know what I mean? Sometimes this… feeling takes you over and you wanna experiment and try out new stuff. I am proud of being a bisexual, and this still doesn’t mean I don’t want a little bit of p**** on the side (laughs).”

“Prejudices are always hard to break. But I don’t give a shit about what others think of me. Motorhead has never been about the critics. It’s all the music. Just because I enjoy some guys doesn’t mean jack. I still churn out the music every fucking night, all the fucking time. I am proud of my fans, and they know that I always give 100%.”

Rock n’ Roll, and in particular Metal has always been a rather macho genre. However, with legendary musical icons like Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST) and Freddy Mercury (QUEEN) admitting to being homosexual, the stereotypes have been stripped down. Lemmy’s coming out may come as a shock, but can we deal with it? The man certainly can.

“I love you guys. No innuendo intended!”

Maybe it’s time to revive my long dormant groupie career…


  1. I knew he was cool about it after reading his autobiography. He had a gay flatmate who was brutally murdered and he talks about the man’s bravery.
    Think I’ll be wearing my Motorhead ‘bastard’ tee most of the week.

  2. The Ace of Gays

    I thought i saw him at the Dore Alley Fair a few years ago. Like Pete Townsend (Rough Boys), I’ll have to revisit Motorhead lyrics. Good for him.

  3. As I said to , don’t all rush him at once and scare him off.

    But, yeah, I was lusting after him as a geeky high-school kid. And I own all the [studio] albums he did with Hawkwind. So I do kinda wanna petulantly shout out, “I saw him first!”

  4. Hmmm… hate to be a Debbie Downer on this – but I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down the original source of this. As cool as it would be, it might be an Internet hoax of some kind. I mean, you’d think that as this is presented as something he said during a VH1 interview, there’d be something about it on VH1’s site, right?

  5. that ‘splains everything. 🙂

    i always loved that he did that track with wendy o back in the 80s…”Stand By Your Man!” INDEED! (i lost my 45 a long while ago)

  6. I’m convinced it’s a joke…I did a little Googling, and found that other blogs referenced an article from as the source. The article is currently missing from that website. I’m sure you’re going to hear about the hoax in the next few days…

  7. One of my straightest biker mates claims to fame is that he gave Lemmy a blowjob backstage at Donnington – I was slightly startled when he told me (and fucking jealous)and pointed out to him that he was straight and wasn’t supposed to go around sucking off rock stars, his reply?

    “But it was Lemmy for fucks sake!, I can tell my grandkids about this!”

  8. God is Dead. or, The Only Bad Publicity is No Publicity. or, Iron Fist?

    Yeah, I’m sure we’ll really get to the bottom of it…

    From: The Ballyhoo Examiner
    Local News – 07 June 2005
    Corrections In Clarification

    “AN article in our LifeStyle supplement last Wednesday titled ‘How To Really Satisfy Your Lover’ had to be left out shortly before going to press due to space reasons. Our apologies to Thomas Clifford from Mooneghara.”

    “Lawyers for wild man rock star Lemmy have complained about a story in Saturday’s Ballyhoo Examiner entitled ‘Motorhead’s Lemmy In Bondage Romp’, which told how the 55-year-old Motorhead rocker handcuffed his lover to the bed for a three-day sex and bondage session. Mr Lemmy’s solicitors said: ‘It was not three days and she was not handcuffed to the bed. It was seven days and she was hung from the ceiling.’ We apologise unreservedly to Mr Lemmy for any damage caused to his reputation.”

    “And the photograph in a feature headlined ‘Ballyhoo Women Want Designer Babies’ was inadvertently swapped with one from the Greyhound Racing Results round-up.”

    When mistakes occur, it is our policy to correctify or clarify as soon as possible. Readers and their solicitors may contact Reader’s Representative Rebecca Law during business hours, or simply email and ask for Becky

    –Looks about as clear as mud to me. (wink) –Classic Lemmy.

    –Sorry to be a hard-ass cynic; but doesn’t he have a new album coming out about now?


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