Talking myself into doing something…

Dear Toronto pals:

What is a good time of the year to vist your fair city?

I think I want to go again. It’s only been 14 years since I was there last.


  1. When I went there in June of ’93 to see the Kids In The Hall taping, it rained every day but one. Of course, that was the day I had to return home!

    I had an offer to go back and see another taping near the end of the show’s run but a) I couldn’t afford it and b) it was in early March. I don’t think I was quite ready for a Toronto winter.

  2. February! the worst month possible.

    The end of October is a bit variable … I can remember some Hallowe’ens that were too warm for costumes and others when it was too damn cold to go out. Lately they’ve been on the warmer side. Our weather is not that different from yours.

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