A thought occurs….

Has anyone ever come up with a meme that would list people you might want to friend on lj based on the percentage of your friends who are already friends with them? Sort of an Amazon “people who bought blah also bought blah” type of thing, that would generate five or so recommended friends.


  1. Great screencap from one of my favorite movies! I always regretted the scenes with the state’s goons was so brief. Now I gotta dig out the Criterion box set and see if there are any extras… I think there’s at least sketches by the costume designer….

    The scenes with Bob Hoskins (especially in the rubber suit) were hot, too.

  2. Definitely one of my all time favorite films, for multiple reasons.

    I actually thought the goons actually got some serious screentime and backstory to them in the flick: singing Christmas carols in the basement, showing off machine guns to nuns in the office lobby, bantering in the paddy wagon after restraining civilians in those tight leather restraint-suits… If there are sketches in the Criterion, all the better!

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