The ultimate Spoiler…

Indeed, life on earth is about half over. It has been around for about two billion years and from our knowlege of the changes that occur in stars, the sun will become a “red giant” destroying the the earth and other planets in another two billion years or so. Richard Lewontin in The New York Review of Books

So now you know how it’s going to turn out.

(addition at 9:30 am):

This explains in part the appeal of the notion of the rapture: who wants to think that they have entered in the middle of a movie which the are going to be whisked out of after viewing a couple of its frames? How much more comforting to believe that you’ve shown up just in time for the climax, with an important, albeit supporting role to play.


  1. When I was about 15 or 16 (1975-76), my father spoke often of the end of the world and how he honestly expected it within 5 or 10 years. He had purchased 400 acres of farmland and began building “Maryfarm”.

    He visualized a self-sustaining community where the faithful, good catholics with a devotion to the blessed virgin, could go at the end of time. Somehow he believed that although the rest of the world blew themselves up he and his “tribe” would be safe. Everyone would take care of the elderly, the handicapped, etc. A community.

    It was quite surreal spending teenage years with doomsday philosophy hanging over your head.

  2. see now, being a Jew from Jersey, I didn’t know what The Rapture was until relatively recently. silly me, I thought The Rapture was something more akin to a dick up my ass and a plate of blueberry pancakes at the same time.

  3. Oy vey

    Then we’d better hurry up and figure out how to get you your bread machine. Maybe you can toast up some body of Christ in time to be saved…

  4. Wait… so the plate of pancakes is up your ass as well? How else could the dick be in both? I’m confused….

    And I thought rapture for jews was being secure in the knowlege that you had dissapointed your parents once again.

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