Question 3 on deck…

bigreddee asks:

Can you name 5 things (people or places are okay too) you’ve seen in the past week that have inspired your creativity?

A link so something on ebay sent to me by my friend David Yarritu gave me an Idea for a new piece for my London show.

One of the buildings outside of my window in Vermont had a weather vane on top, which I drew and which gave me another idea for some new pieces.

I played Katamari Damacy for the first time this wek, and was very, very impressed with it – enough to think about seriously about it’s appeal.

I heard Sly playing “Loose Booty” earlier this morning.

A few of the people I met with at VSC inspired so me creativity – a bit more for what they weren’t doing than what they were. When I talk to people, I often talk about what they could do next in terms of the work they’ve already made. Often I’m saying, what would I do in this situation, so while I’m talking to them, I’m often really giving myself advice.

Thanks for asking!

March is question month: ask me anything you please, and I’ll answer your question with a post ion the order it’s received.

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