The Fourth Question….

la_cochina asks:

Exactly what kind of art is it that you do? I’ve been trying to figure it out as long as you’ve been on my friend list.

I’m tempted to say “the good kind”, but that would be wriggling off the hook. This is a such a tough one, in part because one of the things I’ve tried hardest to do inthe course of my career is to not tie myself to one type of work. I do lots of different things: performances, sculpture, drawings figurative and abstract. Maybe the best thing to say is that I’m always interested. in what happens when I manifest an idea, an image that we carry around in our heads, in physical space. The other thing I would say is that I have used the identification “artist” as a way to pursue any any idea that cantches my fancy. So it’s been the way that I can basically live my life as a freak and not have to shut up about it -infact to talk about it and get paid to do so. I don’t know quite how I could survive if I hadn’t found that option.

Thanks for asking – and for those of you who don’t yet know her, la_cochina has one of the coolest funniest journals on here.

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