Racing the bay…

Today’s report on yesterday:

Met with students from SFAI at the studio building on 3rd street. Midway through the lunch break I received a lovely call from thornyc gently reminding me about filing my taxes. And amazingly enough I already had done so the day before. I finished with the students who were a mixed bunch that included one old friend who was coming back to school to finish up after pursuing a variety of carreers, and then I was whisked of to Best Buy where I looked at digital cameras before deciding that I just couldn’t swing the money involved and that they were a crappy place to buy them any way. I finished the copy of moroccomole‘s book I had picked up the day before. I went once again to the Flore where I met my old roomate Patti Davidson and relayed to here the everyone’s comments on how she hasn’t aged a jot. I tried to pres her for her child sacrifice techniques, but she downplayed the whole thing. I went into Streetlight records and scored a used copy of Ape Escape 2 as well as a few cds I’d been hankering for. And then down to Zuni for dinner with my old pal Glen and excellent artist James Gobels who is a recent transplant, and someone bearbait should get to know. In the midst of dinner Fred called me from London to remind me about the image they needed for the ad by today. By this time it was 10:30 pm and I hauled myself down to the eagle for a long talk with devldog that ranged over candy making, art schools, hideous government policies, the complexities of porn production and consumption, and many more topics that I can remember. By 1:30am I had to stagger back home and plunk myself into bed…

Today promises to be just as full with business meetings and more friendly encounters.

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