When you can’t think of a catchy title…

or remember the title of one of your own pieces…

Last night I gave my talk at the SanFrancisco Art Institute, the ostensible reason for me being in town. It was my usual speed jaunt through an asortment of my work from college on up to now. But last night was different than the other talks I’ve given lately maily because the audience was filled with the people who were responsible for me being behind the podium in the first place: Patricia Davidson and Glen Helfand, my first two roommates from when I moved to San Francisco in ’84 (Patti founded Media, the gallery where I had my first ever solo show and Glen and I founded a short lived art newspaper, and worked on various projects on and off through the 80’s.) Renny Prititkin and Judy Moran, the directors of the artist run space where I participated in my first group show and where I eventually worked, becoming program coordinator and board member. Paule Anglim, the owner of the Gallery where I now show in SF and art world doyenne. Brett Reichman and John Difazio, amazing artists I’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years. Kevin Killian brilliant poet and playwrite who’s productions I used to wish I had written. Vince Fecteau, who was once my assitant and actually made some of the pieces I was about to show slides of, and who is now an amazing sculptor. Bob Riley, former media curator at SFMOMA and current director of SF Camerawork. And any number of others I’m forgetting. And then LJers itsolivia, bearbait, chriskomater,armaroundyou and mrs_french. So how do you tell the story of your artistsic fumblings to a crowd of people who witnessed it the first time around? Somehow I managed to get through it but it was a wonderful experience, very very apt given that this marks the tenth year since I moved back to New York from San Francisco, and the first year since the death of Phil who was such a part of my experience here. I meant to take a picture from the stage of the audience to post here and just forgot to do it.

It has left me with a lot to ponder. Today will be a day of meetings with SFAI students and some more reconnecting.

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