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Another dream about finding a new place to work/live last night. Clearly I’m deep down dissatisfied with something.

D and I had dinner at Ony Noodle on Sixth Ave. and I was horrified to read the sign on its door, since it spoke of their impending closing. I love eating ramen, and there are very few places in New York that do it right. Ony is one of those places, and I always found it a comfortable, mid-range resturant, where I could eat by myself or with frinds for not a ton of dough. I’ll miss it, and its intriguing demon mascot.

Talking about dining reminds me that I’ve joined the Incendiary Food Log Community and as such have pledged to post everything that I eat for the next six days, publicly. So, in the last 24 hours:

Sauteed meat and noodle dish at Ony (can’t remember the name)
One glass red wine
Half pint of Zabaglione ice cream and blackberrry sorbet, mixed
Three cups coffee with milk
One cinnamon croissant with butter
One Bowl fruit salad
Three Thai Spring rolls
One Order Chicken Massaman curry with jasmine rice.

Here’s the info on the community:

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