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…to yesterday’s meme/quiz:

1 The Zombies: Imagine the Swan
2 Bobbie Gentry: He made a woman out of me
3 Talking Heads: Psycho Killer
4 Holly Williams: Why do I love you?
5 The Negro Problem: Mahnsanto

6 Steely Dan: FM
7 Marshall Crenshaw: Blues is King
8 X: Year One
9 Dangerdoom: Badda Bing
10 The Pixies: Palace of the Brine

11 The Prodigy: Firestarter
12 Pere Ubu: Drinking Wine Spodyody
13 The Magnetic Fields: Long-Forgotten Fairytale
14 The Negro Problem: The Meaning of Everything
15 The Pixies: Gigantic
16 Abbey Lincoln: The Street of Dreams
17 The Ramones: Sheena is a Punk Rocker
18 Roxy Music: Re-make, Re-Model
19 The Magnetic Fields: Grand Canyon
20 The Ramones: Go Mental

Unguessed answers are bold.

Folks only got half.

All in all this is pretty damn hard. But I’m surprised no one got the second Pixies’ or Ramones’ songs. I’ve actually posted the the lyrics to Street of Dreams here before. And despite my advocacy and the fact that he’s a humpy, bearish singer, it’s clear that no-one is listening to Stew/The Negro Problem. Ah well.

Thanks for playing and congrats to all our experts

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