(You’re) Collared to my shuffle…

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Here’s how the meme works: I put my shuffle on random, and pull lyrics from the first twenty songs that come up. You identify those songs. I don’t cheat by skipping songs and you don’t cheat by googling lyrics, ok?

(Word of warning – I autofill my shuffle from a playlist called “mostly favorites” meaning that there are multiple albums by the same artist on there. So odds are that some of these lines will come from the same artists, maybe even the same album)

1 The sadness that I felt was hard on my eyes and the truth on my face was hard to disguise

2 Momma worked in the Big House and Daddy he worked for the county

3 Realisant mon espoir, Je me lance vers la gloire…

4 I don’t wanna give myself away, well, I’d still give myself away

5 Everybody ought to have a mother or a brother who could take them on a magical trip

6 Nothin but blues and Elvis, and sombody else’s favorite song

7 And the joke’s on you, if you don’t know it’s true

8 They don’t feel a thing! no dolls no debutantes no desperate living class

9 Then gave him a cold shoulder for a hour and told him take a gold shower, for fakin funk, soul power… stocky, short and cocky

10 I count about a million head, all the time there’s a motion

11 I’m the bitch you hated, filth infatuated

12 Be sure to be obedient

13 You said there’s nothing to explain – in every life a little rain, et cetera

14 I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show today – I never thought the world would end this way

15 What a big black mess, what a hunk of love

16 Dreams broken in two can be made like new

17 Well New York City really has it all

18 Next time is the best time we all know

19 And you used to love me that way so you know how to love me that way

20 I killed my family, they thought I was an oddity

As correct answers are given lyrics will go back to plain text. Any unguessed answers posted tomorrow –

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