Bear says five things make a post…


1. That’s a still from Warning from Space, one of the fantastic movies thornyc gave me for my birthday on Sunday. 11 new movies and not one that I had already, that’s incredible.

2. We have to wish drood and sweetcandymike Happy Birthdays today. Further proof that Aquarians rock.

3. Today my students surprised me with a birthday cake with those relighting candles on it. It was touching, even the annoyingness of it.

4. I’m still all tingly about some PG-rated eye candy that came to me via email yesterday. Sometimes the truth is even better than your imagination.

5. I have an unhealthy fixation on a certain piece of technology and I have to just bide my time before I purchase it. Luckily I’m doing some additional work this month that will help to finance my acquisition. That additional work will take me to Chicago around the 20th. More details to come.

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