Happy as a ____ in shit….

I worked on admissions for eight hours yesterday and nine hours today, but I got home to find so many wonderful birthday messages from people, and a link to this bit of you tubery from thornyc which completely and accurately depicts how all of the warm heartedness everyone sent my way makes me feel…

And here’s how Samuel Pepys spent it in the seventeenth century:

Sunday 5 February 1664/65


(Lord’s day). Lay in bed most of the morning, then up and down to my chamber, among my new books, which is now a pleasant sight to me to see my whole study almost of one binding. So to dinner, and all the afternoon with W. Hewer at my office endorsing of papers there, my business having got before me much of late. In the evening comes to see me Mr. Sheply, lately come out of the country, who goes away again to-morrow, a good and a very kind man to me. There come also Mr. Andrews and Hill, and we sang very pleasantly; and so, they being gone, I and my wife to supper, and to prayers and bed.

The resemblance is uncanny!

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