Back in the Saddle…


I started blogging in 2003 on August 29th. On livejournal: it was pretty much one big complaint. Here it is ten years later and I while I still find plenty of things to complain about, I’ve pretty much stopped blogging, at least in the sense of writing longform posts with reasoned arguments. I’ve run up against the big questions of who is this for, and if for myself, why publish it? Tumblr and Twitter have taken over the function of prodding me to make something daily, as well as extending my sense of online community. This particular website has failed in my original vision for it: one stop shopping for all of my archive and platform future endeavors, home for the best reproductions of my past work and organizing point all in one. So I’ve taken the opportunity of domain and hosting transfer to scrap it all and start over again.

Where does this site sit in terms of my “art”? And what should it do? I’m uncertain, knowing as I do my tendency to worry about the near instantaneous feedback that online pronouncements provide. I can’t say that I don’t crave the retweet and the reblog, the favorite and the plus1, as though those things provided some real reflection of my existence in other people’s minds. Ten years on and that still hasn’t gone away. So there has to be something else. Here’s to making it happen.

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