First stab



Well here’s the first round, at least. I’ve finally hammered the site into some sort of shape, which only serves to reveal how much is missing.  But still, something. A quick walk with Lehigh this evening into the dark comforts of my street, some time spent this afternoon carting away the remnants of my show at ICP. I’m calm, touched with a bit of sadness. Dreamt last night about adjusting to being an amputee, arm and legs missing. Again calm. Wondering how many people are going to find this site because of a story told on the Risk! podcast. Living with limbs scattered and yet still humming along sending signals.  This weekend as a result of the Artist’s Book Fair , I returned to old work from the early 90’s, a performance script. And now here on this site arranging pieces into a neat line, the past linked up or unlinked from my memory, a tissue of gaps. Outside, in the street that was silent when I walked it, someone is shouting under the trees.

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